Al Fresco Dining, Social Distancing and Staying Healthy

December 31, 2020

As the country moves into the next phases of reopening, Rep Concepts is proud to show you a variety of things that will help you and your guests feel safe and comfortable in the dining environment. From gorgeous patio furniture to the latest in “hands-free” sanitizer stations and thermal scanners, we’ve got you covered.

Patio Tables, Chairs and Umbrellas

  • Creates beautiful surroundings while promoting social distancing
  • Allows for you to control the seating environment
  • Umbrellas help guests continue to enjoy the dining experience during high sun or brief rain

Patio Fencing

  • Creates visual barriers for guests and passers-by
  • Allows for feeling of “openness” to still be present
  • Can help with establishing traffic patterns
  • Sturdy and stable design makes repositioning easy
  • Can quickly be reassembled to accommodate larger and smaller spaces

Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Stand

  • Stainless steel with polish satin finish
    Adjustable height
  • Movable arm can accommodate up to 1 Gallon sanitizer bottle
  • Stabilizing base
  • Leveling feet

Mobile Handwashing Station

  • Freestanding and portable, it’s able to be used in a variety of spaces
  • Free flow drains work with ease
  • 8″ Side Splashes to help with containment
  • Magnetic catch on door for quick control
  • 7 gallon waste water catch

Melamine Dining Plates

  • Durable and virtually unbreakable
  • Perfect for outdoor dining
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Looks and feels like porcelain
  • Cost effective

Table Top Dividers

  • Creates visible barriers to help guests feel comfortable
  • Aides in social distancing
  • Maintains overall dining room visability
  • Easy to clean

Face Masks

  • FDA Certified from KN95 masks to Level 3 Surgical
  • Light weight and breathable
  • Full coverage
  • Available in a variety of styles

Thermal Scanning Thermometer

  • Touchless thermometer for easy scanning
  • Light weight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Clear readings for fast assessment of situation

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