RC & Factory Videos

We’ve compiled some outstanding videos that help showcase a particular product or a category. Some are chock full of features and benefits, and some are just for fun. Most are brief and to the point, and none should disappoint. We welcome you to watch and learn.

Rosenthal Dinnerware and Drinkware

Visit our showroom to see what Rosenthal has to offer. Schedule an appointment at admin@repconcepts.com!

“Z” and Vitamix

“Z” makes a Protein Shake with Vitamix Vita-Prep 3

“Z” and A Metro Christmas

A Mightylite Christmas

“Z” and Metro’s Mightylite

“Z” and Metro’s 3 Series

“Z” Tests Durability of Mightylite by Metro

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Advantages of a Panasonic Commercial Rice Cooker/Warmer

Designed for quantity and convenience, Panasonic commercial rice cookers come in a variety of sizes: 40-Cup, 23-Cup and 20-Cup. All are fully UL and NSF approved for durability and commercial use.

Eastern’s New Hub Buffet System

The Hub System is a multi-purpose, transformable platform that replaces multiple pieces of furniture in the banqueting and bar service areas.

Metro’s Prepmate MultiStation

PrepMate is a portable platform for prepping food that can go anywhere it’s needed, whether it’s indoors or out.

Metro Mightylite

Mightylite is an insulated carrier designed to help operators move hot and cold food more easily. It weighs only 9 lbs. and can keep food safe for 5+ hours.

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